Selectboard Minutes 3.26.12

Members Present:  Keith Squires, Daniel Harvey, Cynthia Browning, Reggie Jennings, Jr.

Members Absent:  Norman Mattison

Also Present:  Mike Ferone-GNAT-TV, Keith Whitcomb-Bennington Banner,

                         Jamie Paustian-Fire Chief, Jeff Tilley

The meeting was called to order at7:08pmby Chairman Keith Squires.

Minutes of Regular Meeting of March 12, 2012 and Special Meeting of March 16, 2012:

Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting ofMarch 12, 2012and the minutes of the special meeting ofMarch 16, 2012as presented.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  Motion carried.

Highway Report:  Mr. Squires reported that mud season was extensive this year – and noted that we have purchased some loads of gravel.  He reported there was a problem with the grader but that has been fixed.  The road crew has hauled some gravel to the Park & Rec area for the FEMA work there.  They have been sweeping some intersections with the little tractor/broom.  Mr. Squires reported that he would like to apply for a grant for four (4) new radios.  The four radios – installed (to update ones in trucks, the excavator and the grader) would be about $2500.00.   Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize Mr. Squires to put a grant application together for these radios.  Mr. Squires reported that he has had a couple of contractors in to look at the grinding and paving that needs to be done onChurch Street andIce Pond Road.  There have also been two contractors that have looked at theEast Arlington wall.  Mr. Squires stated that he will have some of these figures for the next meeting.  He stated that he will apply for a ‘Structures’ grant for the wall.  As far as applying for Class 2 Roads – he will go ahead and apply forSandgate Road, andWarm Brook Road – the same as last year’s applications. 

Old Business: Finances:  Board members reviewed the figures put together by the Treasurer.  Cash on hand after tonight’s orders will be approximately $79,849.00.  Outstanding taxes are at $115,727.41.

Church Street Sidewalk:  Board members reviewed the ‘Contract Amendment #2-Scope of Work and Cost Estimate’ datedMarch 23, 2012 from ESPC.  This amendment states that “Compensation is amended to be increased by $3,910.00.   This increase is due to the fact that we have to go out to re-bid again – this will entail more time and work.  Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize Keith Squires to sign ‘Contract Amendment No. 2 datedMarch 23, 2012 between ESPC and the Town of Arlington for an additional $3910.00 for engineering fees.  Seconded by Ms. Browning.  Motion carried.  Ms. Browning will contact John LaBarge to see if the State will cover this extra money on this.

Fire Dept.-Update:  Fire Chief Jamie Paustian was present to update the Selectboard on the bids for the new fire truck and for the maintenance work on Truck #75.  Jamie noted that KME has Truck #75 and has taken it apart and cannot find any parts to repair the foam system.  A whole new foam system will cost $3600.00.  The newer figures (including labor and parts for the foam system)– which Jamie did not have tonight – will be approximately $13,000 to $14,000 as opposed to the original quote of $6300.00.  The Board was in agreement that this work has to be done as this truck will be around for quite a while.  Jamie also noted that the equipment list he has placed an order for comes to a total of $2516.34.   Jamie noted that they will have seven (7) bids for a new truckHe reported that the bids range from $308,000.00 to $333,000.00.  He is

waiting for all the ‘spec’ books on these bids.  The bids will then be thoroughly reviewed.  Ms. Browning stated that Townscape – at their annual meeting – might be looking for videos and pictures of the volunteers who helped with storm repair, etc.  Jamie stated that he would see what the Fire Department might have in this line of material.  The Fire Department will be back in on April 9th for final decision on the new fire truck.

Park & Rec:  Mr. Squires reported that work started on the Park last week as the weather was good.  He noted that Park worker Ed Walsh was in for a few days to start ‘clean-up’ work.  As far as the FEMA work – the softball field is done, work has started on the trail – bark mulch will be delivered on Wednesday.  Several truck loads of material have been delivered for work on the paths, trails, and ball fields.  Mr. Squires reported that he was able to get a roller and this was used on the fields and areas needed.  All this work is being carefully documented and paid separately. 

Redistricting:  Ms. Browning noted that the re-districting issue is still not decided.  She noted that they are still soliciting comments from all the towns’ BCAs.  She stated that the ‘current’ or latest version now has members being taken from Sunderland – which means that Arlington would have to have all of Rupert.  Both Rupert and Sunderland are strongly opposed to this.  There was discussion on this issue.  Ms. Browning noted that “as we are now – we are compliant – so why should we be used to make Shaftsbury whole”.  Arlington’s message to them is that we “are happy as we are now – we will not change”.  Ms. Browning will take this message to Montpelier.

TAC Meeting:  Mr. Squires reported that there will be aTAC meeting tomorrow (3/17/12).  Mr. Harvey will attend this meeting.

Casella Contract:  Mr. Squires reported that there will be a meeting next week on this issue.

Hazard Mitigation Plan:  Mr. Squires reported that we did get final approval for the Hazard Mitigation Plan. 

New Business:  Appointments:  Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve the 2012 ‘Committee, Commission, and Officer List dated effectiveApril 1, 2012 – as presented.  Seconded by Ms. Browning.  Motion carried.

Liquor License:  Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve the first Class liquor license for the Southside Restaurant and Café.  Seconded by Ms. Browning.  Motion carried.

Warrants & Orders:  Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of $360.00 to Keith Squires for duties as Interim Administrator for the period ofMarch 11, 2012 throughMarch 24, 2012 as noted on Payroll Order # 13B datedMarch 26, 2012.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  Motion carried with Mr. Harvey, Mr. Jennings, and Ms. Browning voting in favor of the motion.  Mr. Squires abstained from the vote.  Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of Check Order #F-2 dated03/23/12 in the total amount of $2960.54 with the amount of $280.54 to Peckham Industries for gravel used to do repair work in the Park & Rec on areas affected by the flood of 8/28/1, and $2680.00 to J & N Excavations for repair to flood damaged areas in the Park & Rec.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  In discussion, Mr. Squires noted that this was the FEMA work in the Park – separated out for the areas worked on – the ‘PW’s  (project work numbers) are noted on the order. Motion carried.  Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of Warrant Order #5 dated3/27/12 for the amount of $18,285.93.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  Motion carried. 

All Other Business:  Park & Rec:  The Park & Rec Executive Board met tonight to vote to dissolve the Park Board’Corporation’ and make the transfer to the Town .  Outgoing Board President Andy Heikaus came in to the Selectboard meeting at9pm to report that this transfer got voted down.  There was discussion as to what direction the Town should take at this point in time.  Mr. Squires stated that the Park “belongs to the Town”.  He stated that at this time – we need to see what approach the Park will take.  He noted that the Park Board might bring back some of the prior employees.  Mr. Squires noted that the FEMA work is under Town Control.  There was discussion on this issue.  Mr. Squires noted that any Park Committee/Board has to be approved by the Selectboard.  The Board was in agreement that if this continued to be ‘an issue’ – that there could be a special meeting – or at the next Town meeting – there could be an article regarding the Town taking control of the Park & Rec – this would involve a town-wide vote on the issue and would be “irrevocable”.

Mr. Harvey made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at9:20pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

Mary M. Henning, Recording Secretary

meeting video & audio taped.

cc:  files, Town Clerk




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