Selectboard Minutes 4.9.12


Members Present:  Keith Squires, Daniel Harvey, Cynthia Browning, Reggie Jennings Jr., Norman Mattison

Also Present:  Mike Ferone-GNAT-TV, Keith Whitcomb-Bennington Banner, Brandon Canevari –Manchester Journal


The meeting was called to order at7:04pmby Chairman Keith Squires.


Minutes of Meeting of March 26, 2012Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve the minutes of the meeting ofMarch 26, 2012 as presented.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  Motion carried.


Highway Report:  Mr. Squires reported that the road crew has been grading, doing work on the shoulders, and some routine maintenance.  The work on the covered Bridge is finished.  The FEMA ‘Project Worksheets’ (PW) are being processed.  The tie rods under theWestMountain (Rochester) bridge have been replaced and this project is now complete.  Paperwork on theOld Mill Road wall is moving along.  There were minor repairs done on the grader – including work on the parking brake, and new tires.


Old Business:  Fire Department:  Three were no representatives present from the Fire Department tonight as the Department has more questions for the new truck dealers – before they come in with quotes for the Board to discuss and review.

Finances:  Board members reviewed figures provided by the Treasurer.  Cash on hand after tonight’s order(s) will be approximately $56,364.96.  Delinquent taxes are at $104,383.28.                      Mr. Squires reported that the Treasurer will be on vacation for the rest of the month and will be back on or around May 1st.

Church Street Sidewalk:  There was discussion regarding the use of the old marble versus using new marble for the Church Street Sidewalk Project.  Mr. Harvey made a motion that the Town ofArlington would rather use new marble instead of the old marble – which could be used elsewhere.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  Mr. Squires will send a formal letter stating this (along with a copy of these minutes) to John LaBarge at Vermont Agency of Transportation.  The new bidding process is underway.  Three was discussion about moving the trees.  It was noted that it is getting late in the season to move the trees in question and it was questioned whether they would survive a move at this point in time.  The plan is to – hopefully – start the project at the Vt Rte 313W end of Church Street – and work toward the medical building, do the drainage work, and then in the Spring (2013) move the trees – and complete the sidewalk section of the project.

Park & Rec:  Board members reviewed a packet of materials put together by Mr. Squires regarding Park & Rec issues.  Mr. Squires reviewed the recent history, and actions by the Selectboard, actions by the previous Park & Rec Committee, and actions by the ‘new’ Park & Rec Committee.  He reported that there have been a couple of meetings with the lawyers involved.  Selectboard members were in agreement that our Board invites participation and involvement by the ‘new’ Park Committee – and all others who are interested – in fundraising, special events, suggestions, etc.  Board members reviewed the proposed drafts of the ‘press releases’ regarding the Park & Rec.  A press release was approved, copies were made and given to the reporters present.  Mr. Squires reported that work in the Park is progressing at a good pace – work is ongoing in the ball fields, on the golf course, and on the trails.  The electric billing for the Park will be changed over to the Town as the bills have been going to the ‘former’ Park & Rec Committee – and these invoices will now be paid for by the Town.  The Board was in favor of inviting Mr. Hoyt in for discussion on the softball leagues’ request(s)/issues.  When the Fire Department comes in to the next Board meeting – there will be discussion about the possibility of  holding the ‘annual’ Fire Department Carnival at the Park instead of at the Fisher school. There will need to be discussion about space needed, parking, traffic control, etc.

Redistricting:  Ms. Browning reported that this issue is still in discussion.


New Business: Liquor Licenses:  Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve the first class liquor license for Jonathan’s Table.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  Motion carried.

Green Up Day:  Mr. Squires reported that Green up Day will be Saturday May 5th – at theFisherSchool.  Volunteers are always welcome to help out.

Household Hazardous Waste Day:  Mr. Squires announced that the Household Hazardous Waste Day (HHW) will be Saturday May 12 at the High School.  He noted that there will be no electronics.

Casella Contract:  Mr. Squires reported that there will be a meeting tomorrow inManchester on the Casella Contract.  He stated that he will attend this meeting.


Warrants & Orders:  Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of $340.00 to Keith Squires for duties as Interim Administrator for the period ofMarch 25, 2012 throughApril 7, 2012 as noted on Payroll Order #15B datedApril 9, 2012.  Seconded by Ms. Browning.                       Motion carried with Mr. Jennings, Mr. Mattison, Mr. Harvey, and Ms. Browning voting in favor of the motion.  Mr. Squires abstained from the vote.  Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of Check Warrant Report 12-2C, dated04/04/12 for the amount of $47,519.00 from the Capital Reserve Fund – to Wright Construction Co., Inc. for repair of the West Arlington Covered Bridge.  Seconded by Ms. Browning.  Motion carried.  Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of Check Warrant Report # F-3 dated04/06/12 in the total amount of $4725.00 – with $2150.00 paid to Mill River Lumber for mulch for work in the Park on areas damaged by the flood, and $2575.00 to J & N Excavations for repair to flood damaged areas in the Park & Rec.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  In discussion, Mr. Squires noted that the ‘PW’s are noted on the warrant.  Motion carried.  Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of Warrant Order #6 dated4/10/12 for the amount of $23,590.04.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.                            Motion carried.


All Other Business:  Radios:  Mr. Squires reported that the grant application has been submitted for replacement radios for the Highway Department – this will enable all radios to be narrowbanded by the necessary deadline.


Mr. Mattison made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Mr. Harvey.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at8:15pm.


Minutes taken by Cynthia Browning, Transcribed by Mary M. Henning

meeting video & audio taped

cc:  files, Town Clerk


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