Selectboard Minutes 7.2.12

 Members Present:  Keith Squires, Cynthia Browning, Daniel Harvey, Norman Mattison, Reggie Jennings Jr.

Also Present:   Hoss & Logan WuerslinGNAT-TV

 The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Chairman Keith Squires.

 Minutes of Meeting of June 18, 2012Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve the minutes of the meeting of June 18, 2012 with two corrections – Norman Mattison was listed twice in the attendance and Mr. Harvey was listed as voting on a warrant and he was not present at that meeting.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  The motion to approve the minutes of the meeting of June 18, 2012 as corrected carried unanimously.

 2012 Townscape ‘Good Citizen Award’:  Mr. Squires announced that at the Annual Townscape meeting of June 24, 2012 – he accepted the 2012 Good Citizen of Arlington Award for Arlington’s  Emergency and First Responders, including the Highway Departments – for their services to the community in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene 2011.  This award will be displayed in Town Hall.

 Highway Report:  Mr. Squires reported that the road crew members are taking turns taking vacation time – they are one man short  right now.  They are mowing the sides of Town roads, the culvert is finished on Berwal Road. The Church Street and Ice Pond Roads have been completed as far as ‘reclaiming’ the asphalt and gravel and chloride is down at those sites.  Mr. Squires reported that the road crew is currently working on the east end of River Road where the flood washed the road out.  He noted that they will be getting to the rest of the mowing as time and weather permit.  Short Street:  Mr. Squires stated that the bad areas on Short Street will be filled in the near future.

 Old Business:  Finances:  Board members reviewed figures put together by the Treasurer.  After tonight’s orders there will be $12,415.83 cash on hand.  Outstanding/delinquent taxes are at $78,353.25.  The Treasurer has suggested that she will need to borrow $50,000.00 (from the backhoe/loader fund) sometime in July.

Borrowing Money:  Mr. Harvey made a motion to allow the Treasurer to borrow $50,000.00 from the ‘Backhoe-Loader Fund when necessary.  Seconded by Ms. Browning.  Motion carried.

FEMA:  Board members received copies of FEMA expenditures through June 18, 2012.  The figure stands at $75,242.55 (this does not include tonight’s warrant F-9 for $3110.00).

Church Street Sidewalk-Update:  Mr. Squires reported that Brent Herrmann has accepted the project and Ms. Browning stated that she is working with the State of Vermont to get the final contract put together.  Mr. Squires stated that Brent is ready to start whenever we are ready for him.  He informed Mr. Squires that he will do the job (the sidewalk part of the project) in small segments so that if it gets too close to the July 31st deadline – he can shut down and move equipment out so that the area is cleared for the events scheduled for August (Norman’s Attic, etc).  The remainder of the project (drainage, etc.) can be finished once these events are over. Ms. Browning will call Brent Herrmann in the morning to check on the payment schedule.  Mr. Squires stated that we need to notify St. James that this work will be beginning.  Mary will notify Scott Neal tomorrow about the probability of the start of this work – maybe as early as next week or the week of July 16th.

Yellow Barn Farm-Update:  Ms. Browning reported that this project might be taking more time than originally thought due to the issue of CVPS and Fairpoint lines that need to be addressed.  Contract Signing:  Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize Keith Squires to sign the contracts for the Yellow Barn Project and the Church Street Sidewalk Project when necessary.  Seconded by Ms. Browning.  Motion carried.

Sheriff:  Bennington County Sheriff Chad Schmidt is scheduled to be present at the Board meeting of July 16th.  Mr. Squires noted that the Fireman’s Carnival is July 27 and 28th this year.  He noted that in the past we have ‘traded’ regular Sheriff’s patrol time for time spent covering the carnival.  Board members were in agreement that this was a good idea as there will be traffic issues – especially the night of the Fireworks.  Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve the holding of the Fireman’s Carnival at the Arlington Park and to approve the Sheriff’s Department covering this event.  Seconded by Ms. Browning.  Motion carried.

 New Business:  CVPS:  Board members reviewed copies of a letter from CVPS to the Selectboard and Keith Squires as Tree Warden regarding the trimming of trees on Route 7A. The letter states that CVPS has been using Trees Incorporated to trim trees along Route 7A.  They have attempted to trim the area along the guard rail near the Richard Bailey property on the west side of 7A.  The letter states that two prior attempts to trim this area have been made – with Mr. Bailey refusing the necessary trimming.  CVPS is now looking at options to obtain the necessary clearance.  It is the understanding that under an “existing 4 rod state highway easement and with the support of the Town of Arlington, CVPS can now trim trees and remove vegetation within the State highway easement at this location.”  CVPS is suggesting a “compromise” that will allow a buffer between Mr. Bailey’s residence and Route 7A.  CVPS states in the letter that they will hire local law enforcement to provide traffic control for the area and to diffuse any potential conflict.  There was discussion on this issue.  Mr. Harvey made a motion to send CVPS a letter supporting this tree trimming, and to copy some of the (Highway) maps we have here in Town Hall for them as well.  Seconded by Ms. Browning.  Motion carried.

Casella Contract:  Board members reviewed the latest copy of the ‘Agreement for Solid Waste Services’.  Mr. Squires noted that this has been worked on for many months.  Mr. Squires noted that Sunderland has joined the ‘group’ but the town’s name is missing in a couple of places in this latest contract.  Board members will review this prior to the next meeting when it will be voted on.

Scenic By-Way Grant Monies:  Mr. Squires noted that the Town has been contacted by one of the local members of the Scenic By-Ways committee.  There are grant monies out there available for projects that the Town might be considering.  Board members felt that this was short notice to put something together as the By-ways committee has to have a letter of interest by tomorrow – for consideration.  Board members were in agreement to look at this for next year.  Mr. Squires stated that he would contact Ken Nicholson to see if the Community club might be interested in something along this line.

 ArlingtonGarden Club:  Mr. Squires reported that the Arlington Garden Club has moved most of the flowers from their garden at the north end of Church Street – to the Park area.  There are two ground gardens at the Park and several planters with flowers.  The Board was in favor of sending a letter of appreciation/thanks to the Garden Club for these additions to the Park.  Mary noted that the Garden Club had donated $50.00 to the Park for use of the mulch for their flower beds.

PACE:  Ms. Browning noted that the Town had sent a letter requesting further information on the PACE program – but to date -no further information was received.  Ms. Browning will look into this matter.

 Warrants & Orders:  Payroll:  Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of $260.00 to Keith Squires for duties as Interim Administrator for the period of June 17, 2012 through June 30, 2012 as noted on Payroll Order #27B dated July 2, 2012.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  Motion carried with Mr. Harvey, Ms. Browning, Mr. Jennings, and Mr. Mattison voting in favor of the motion.  Mr. Squires abstained from the vote.

FEMA:  Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of Warrant Report # F-9 for a total amount of $3110.00 with that amount being paid to J&N Excavations. Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  In discussion, Mr. Squires noted that things are starting to wind down (for FEMA projects).  He stated that this bill was the result of the screening of a pile of material at the Park the cost was for this screening and the machines/equipment and labor.  This screened material can now be used as topsoil on the fields – it will save money as it can be re-used and we will not have to purchase new.  There were also some ditches that filled in from the flood and these are in the process of being cleared out.  Motion carried.

General Warrant:  Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of General Warrant Order # 12 dated 7/3/12 for the amount of $18,421.72.  Seconded by Ms. Browning.  Motion carried.

 All Other Business: Lions Pool:  Mr. Squires reported that the Lions Pool is being cleaned out – there will be new beach sand brought in and it will be refilled.  He encouraged those present to take a look at this project.

Memorandum of Understanding’:  Mr. Squires reported that there was a LEPC meeting last Friday in Dorset.  All towns must now have a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MOU) in place if they are to receive reimbursement money for helping another town (in a time of emergency).  Mr. Squires also stated that we need to comply with NIMS and get the grants we need to get people up to the‘200’ level of ICS training.

Grange Ceremony – Nancy Boardman:  Mary announced that there will be a ceremony at the West Arlington Grange this Thursday July 5th at 6pm to honor Nancy Boardman for all her work on various boards, and with the Animal Shelter.  All Selectboard members are welcome to attend.  It is a pot-luck supper – but if attending just the ‘ceremony’ – can show up at around 6:45.  Mr. Squires stated that he would try to attend this event.

 Mr. Mattison made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

Mary M. Henning, Recording Secretary,    meeting video & audio taped,    cc:  files, Town Clerk


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