Selectboard Minutes 7.11.12

Special Meeting

 Members Present:  Keith Squires, Daniel Harvey, Cynthia Browning, Norman Mattison

Also Present:  Eric Sandblom-ESPC Engineering, Brent Herrmann-Herrmann Construction

 The July 11, 2012 Special Meeting of the Arlington Selectboard was called to order at 8:12am by Chairman Keith Squires who stated that the purpose of this special meeting was for:

  1. Application for a liquor license.
  2. A pre-construction meeting on the Church Street Sidewalk Project

Liquor License:  Mr. Squires reported that the Lions Club will be holding an event for a ‘fund-raiser’ on Friday July 13, 2012.  This event is to celebrate the cleaning out and re-opening of the Lions’ pool.  Jake’s Marketplace Café of Londonderry Vermont has asked the Town for a license to cater malt and vinous beverages and spirituous liquors at this event.  There was discussion on this issue.  Ms. Browning made a motion to approve the request dated 7/3/12 to allow Jake’s Marketplace of Londonderry, Vermont to sell and serve beer and wine at the 7/13/12 event but to prohibit the selling of hard liquor.  Seconded by Mr. Harvey.  In discussion the Board was in favor of putting the ‘Liquor Control Board’s Procedural Requirements for Caterer’s Permit Holders’ into the motion.  Ms. Browning amended her motion to add the following:  “ The Liquor Control Board’s Procedural Requirements #1, #2 a, and #2b will be strictly enforced through the provision of portable toilets and the presence of a Sheriff’s Deputy.”   The amendment to the motion was seconded by Mr. Harvey.  The motion passed unanimously.

Church Street Sidewalk Pre-Construction Meeting:  ESPC Engineer Eric Sandblom and Herrmann Construction representative Brent Herrmann were present for the pre-construction meeting on the Church Street Sidewalk Project.  There was discussion on the contract, and how the invoicing was to take place.  Minor changes were made in the Contract.  The work scheduled was altered and now includes the month of August.  Work will take place 8/1/12 – 8/31/12 Mondays through Thursdays.  The completion date remains November 30, 2012.  The Town will notify St. James about the (altered) work schedule.  Work will take place in the daytime, and equipment etc. will not be an obstacle for any planned events.  The revised contract was signed.  The Notice to Proceed was signed.  Copies will be made on kept on file of all paperwork.  Work is schedule to start next week.

Mr. Mattison made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Mr. Harvey.  Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 9:38am.

minutes taken by Cynthia Browning, transcribed by Mary M. Henning

meeting audio taped

cc:  files, Town Clerk


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