10.17.11 Selectboard Minutes

On October 31, 2011, in Select Board Meeting Minutes, What's New, by Town Clerk

10.17.11 Selecboard Minutes

 Members Present:  Keith Squires, Daniel Harvey, Cynthia Browning, Reggie Jennings, Jr., Norman Mattison

Also Present:  Gary Weller-Highway Dept., Steven-GNAT-TV,  Keith Whitcomb-Bennington Banner,  L.W. Maginniss, Berta Maginniss, Ron & Anne Weber, Phil Hebert, John Mendenhall

 The meeting was called to order at7:03pmby Chairman Keith Squires.

 Minutes of Meeting of October 3, 2011:  Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve the minutes of the meeting ofOctober 3, 2011 as presented.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.    Motion carried.

 Highway Report:  Gary reported that the road crew has been doing routine maintenance, and drawing replacement gravel (replacement for the gravel used after the flooding).   Gary reported that the pile of stone beside the skating rink is for the parking lot at that site.

South Arlington Plowing:  Mr. Jennings made a motion to renew the agreement with Peabody  Bates of Cambridge New York to do the plowing and sanding of theSouth Arlington roads for $85.00 per trip to plow and $90.00 per trip to sand.  Seconded by Ms. Browning.  Motion carried.

Replacement Cab for Little Tractor:  Mr. Squires reported that the cab on the little tractor needs to be replaced. Gary went out for several bids but only one came in.  The bid – from Martinka & Sons for a new cab was $3800.00 for a new cab and the installation.  Mr. Harvey made a motion to accept the proposal from Martinka & Son for a new cab for the little tractor for a price of $3800.00 that includes installation.  Seconded by Ms. Browning.  Motion carried.

Joy Lane:  Board members reviewed a letter to the Town from Jennifer Bevilacqua requesting that the Town take overJoy Lane as a public road.  Mr. Squires reported thatJoy Lane has been maintained by the Town for several years – but there has been no formal “takeover”.  Mr. Squires reported that in checking the maps there is a problem with the right-of-way.  Mr. Harvey made a motion to start the process of exploring the take-over ofJoy Lane as aTown Road.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  Motion carried.

 Old Business:  Finances:  Mr. Squires noted that there is no new data on Finances at this point in time.  The treasurer will be in to the next Board meeting for discussion/decision on the ‘Late File Homestead Declaration Penalties’.

Church Street Sidewalk:  Ms. Browning reported that we are still just waiting for paperwork – there is no new information on this.  Ms. Browning stated that she will endeavor to have a report for the Board at the next meeting.

Yellow Barn Farm:  Ms. Browning reported that she did submit the application for the Historic Preservation Grant for work on the timber structures on the Yellow Barn Farm.

Computer-Update:  Mr. Harvey reported that E-Enable was here last Thursday (10/13/11) and moved files from one drive to another – creating more space.  He stated that our server is about 80% full – and he suggested he start getting comparison prices for replacing the server – preferably before the end of the year.  The Town already has a quote from NEMRC.  Mr. Harvey will get a quote from E-Enable and try to get one from Dean Darling as well.

 Library Representative:  Ms. Browning reported that she had spoken to Joel Tibbetts – who was willing to serve as the Town ‘representative’ to the Library Board of Trustees.  Mr. Harvey  made a motion to appoint Mr. Joel Tibbetts as representative from the Town ofArlington to the Martha Canfield Library Board of Trustees.  Seconded by  Motion carried.  A formal letter of appointment was signed by Board members for Mr. Tibbetts.

Bridges-UpdateBenedictCrossingBridge:  Mr. Squires reported that after more investigation of theBenedictCrossingBridge – it was found that there is more timber that needs replacing.  Bret Wright Construction proposed that this would cost an extra $7005.00.  Mr. Squires noted that at the last Board meeting the Board voted to accept Wright’s proposal of $24,800.00 – with this additional cost – this would bring the expenditure to $32,300.00.  Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve the additional expenditure for repair of theBenedictCrossingBridge.  Seconded by Ms. Browning.  Motion carried.

WestArlingtonCovered Bridge:  Mr. Squires reported that the Town had – so far – received two (2) proposals for work on theWestArlington  Covered Bridge:

     Alpine Construction = $299,293.00

     Bret Wright Construction = $46,269.00

Mr. Squires noted that Wright Construction looked at the bridge several times – noting that additional proposed costs as follows are = floor bracing = $9500.00, trunnells = $1500.00, and approximately $2,000.00 for replacing the siding – with the total cost not to exceed $60,000.00.  There was discussion on this issue.  Ms. Browning made a motion to accept the bid from Bret Wright Construction for repair of theWestArlingtonCovered Bridgeat a cost not to exceed $60,000.00 pending the condition of the trunnells.  Seconded by Mr. Harvey.  Motion carried.  Mr. Squires reviewed that at the last Board meeting there was discussion on the possibility of the Highway Crew doing work to lift the floor of the Covered Bridge and bring the downstream side into place.  Mr. Squires stated that it would be our road crew and one of Bret Wright Construction Company’s foreman.  Mr. Squires stated that if the Town does do this work – it would save the Town approximately $12,000.00.  Ms. Browning made a motion to authorize the highway crew to proceed with repairs on theWestArlingtonCovered Bridgewith supervision by Bret Wright Construction Company.  Seconded by Mr. Harvey.  Motion carried.

Junk-Complaint(s):  Several property owners fromEast Arlington Road were present with complaints about the rubbish/junk accumulating at the Vicky Hill/Sandy Grover property at333 East Arlington Road.  There was lengthy discussion on this issue with residents noting that there had been some flood damage at the 333East Arlington road property – but this had – for the most part – been put into dumpsters and removed.  There were complaints about many of the items placed in front of and beside the dwelling (including a toilet, sinks, tires, etc.).  There was a complaint about animals kept outside – two dogs are apparently chained out back, there are chickens and there is a growing number of rabbits as well.  The neighbors asked what steps could be taken to help the cleanup at this site.  Copies of the Junk Ordinance were reviewed – with Ms. Browning citing some of the specific items that could be removed.  The Board was in the favor of – once again – starting the process of contact with the owners of the333 East Arlington Road property.  Mr. Jennings stated that he would meet with the property owners (Vicky Hill and Sandy Grover) to show them what specific items had to be removed as those items put them in violation of the Junk Ordinance.  Mr. Jennings will do this and report back at the next meeting. Ms. Browning stated that she will send a letter as well –  stating the Boards’ and neighbors’ concerns.

Water Company Valuation Study:  Mr. Squires reviewed that the Town had received bids from two (2) engineering companies to do the Water Company Valuation Study:

     Dubois & King, Inc. = $6650.00

     Aldrich & Elliott = $7000.00

Mr. Squires noted that both he and BCRC’s Rex Burke had gone over the proposals and felt that Aldrich & Elliot seemed to have a better understanding of the project.  Ms. Browning made a  motion to accept the proposal from Aldrich & Elliott to execute the study of the Arlington Water Company.  Seconded by Mr. Harvey.  Motion carried.

 New Business:  Revised Hazard Mitigation Plan:  Mr. Squires reported that towns are not mandated to have  a ‘hazard mitigation plan’ in place – but if we do have one – we can get grants/ monies for projects.  He noted that we have had a Plan in place since 2003.  The Plan has to fit the Federal guidelines – and has been revised.  Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve the Hazard Mitigation Plan as presented and conditionally approved by FEMA.  Seconded by Ms. Browning.  Motion carried.

Health Insurance:  Board members had been emailed – as well as given copies of the latest information on Health Insurance.  Of note – Cigna will no longer be covering any groups of smaller than 50 employees – thusArlington will have to choose a new plan for coverage.  There was discussion on this issue.  Mr. Squires reported that there will be a representative here onMondayOctober 24, 2011 at11am to discuss all the options available to the Town.  Any board members who can – are encouraged to attend.

“Clean-Up Day” October 22, 2011:  The governor has announced that this coming Saturday –October 22, 2011 will be designated as “Clean-Up Day”.  People are encouraged to help out in any way possible – flood victims – either by cleaning up debris, rebuilding, or donating time in any way that might help.  Monetary donations are also encouraged.  There are still a lot of areas in the State where people need a lot of aid.  Mr. Squires reported that there is a State website where people can post any ‘needs’ or help wanted information.

Efficiency Vermont:  Mr. Squires reported that Randy Novotny’s electrical crew had been in to replace most of the Town Hall lights with more energy efficient ones – this was covered under the ‘Efficiency Vermont’ grants/monies.  Gary Weller asked if the Town Garage could be put on a list to have the lighting replaced in the garage.  Mr. Squires stated that the ‘program’ had ended but there may be something coming up in the future.

Flooded areas & Property Tax Relief:  Ms. Browning reported that nothing has yet been firmed up as far as giving taxpayers breaks in towns hard hit by the flooding/Irene.

 Warrants & Orders:  Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of $240.00 to Keith Squires for work done as Interim Supervisor for the period ofOctober 2, 2011 throughOctober 15, 2011 as noted on Payroll Order # 42B datedOctober 17, 2011.  Seconded by Ms. Browning.    Motion carried with Mr. Harvey, Mr. Jennings, Mr. Mattison and Ms. Browning voting in favor of the motion.  Mr. Squires abstained from the vote.  Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of Warrant Order #21 dated10/18/11 for the amount of $18,458.50.    Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  In discussion, Mr. Squires noted that we are paying back the interest on the borrowed money – from the Grader fund and the Backhoe & Loader fund, and the third quarter Water Company payments are on here as well.   Motion carried.

 Executive Session:  Mr. Harvey made a motion to enter into Executive Session and to allow Gary Weller andMary Henning to remain in the room.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  Motion carried.  The Board entered into Executive Session at9:22pm.

The Board came out of Executive session at 9:42pm.

Mr. Harvey stated that no decisions were made in the Executive Session.

 Mr. Mattison made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at9:45pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Mary M. Henning, Recording Secretary

meeting video & audio taped

cc:  files, Town Clerk



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