AUGUST 24, 2015


Members Present: Keith Squires, Daniel Harvey, Cynthia Browning, Timothy Williams, Reggie Jennings, Jr.

Also Present: Aryn Clark-GNAT-TV, Linda Crosby-Treasurer,

The meeting was called to order at 7:01pm by Chairman Keith Squires.

Minutes of Meeting of August 10, 2015: Ms. Browning made a motion to approve the minutes of the meeting of August 10, 2015 as presented. Seconded by Mr. Jennings. Motion carried.

Mr. Squires asked that the Board move ahead to accommodate the Treasurer’s request regarding the Arlington Water Company.   Linda provided material for each Board member to review as ‘homework’ and read a memo that she and the Town Clerk had drawn up as to what they are looking for. Linda noted that they would like to have a special meeting with the entire Selectboard and Burr Snow for discussion of the approaching creation of the Arlington Water Company. Linda briefly reviewed the material enclosed in each Board member’s packet. The Board was in agreement to hold a special meeting on Monday August 31, 2015 at 7pm. This will be warned out.

 Highway Report:   Mr. Squires stated that we are still waiting for a quote from Morton Salt for salt for the winter 2015-2016 season. Red Mt. Road Trees: Mr. Squires reported that he has been talking to land owners regarding removal of some trees. The removal of these shade trees has to be warned as a public hearing. General Roadwork: Mr. Squires reported that the road crew has completed the ‘benching’ project on River Road at the ‘blind spot’ in the road just west of the Hollerith Road turn. New Truck: Mr. Squires reported that the new truck was being used while working on the project on Sandgate Road and there were some issues with the ‘conveyor’ belt(s) on the truck. This system will be changed. The Town would be responsible for the cost of the materials – approximately $1500.00 for the work to be done. Ms. Browning made a motion to approve ordering the belt conveyors for the new truck at a cost of approximately $1500.00. Seconded by Mr. Williams. Motion carried.   Mr. Squires reported that there are some issues with the electrical system of the excavator. CAT will be sending someone to repair this. Mr. Squires reported that we are now looking for winter sand bids. Mr. Squires reported that Mike Hall will paint the lines in the parking lot at the Park if we supply the paint.

7A Sidewwalk Invoice: Mr. Squires reported that the State had made corrections to one of the Holden invoices – original Invoice #20012693. The Town paid this invoice at $3533.55. BCRC sent the revised invoice #5 – now invoice #20012909 for a corrected amount of $3119.96. Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize Keith Squires to sign the revised invoice #5 for Holden’s services through 5/21/2015 for the amount of $3119.96. Seconded by Ms. Browning. Motion carried. Mr. Squires noted that the Town is still waiting for information on Holden regarding the proposed sidewalk as it crosses Chem Clean property.

 Old Business: Park & Rec: Mr. Squires reported that they have finished painting the lines up at the court – the nets are up and the basketball hoops are up. The Park Committee is planning to hold the ‘Grand Opening’ for the tennis/basketball courts on Saturday September 12, 2015. Ron Weber from the Park Committee has asked to reserve the tennis courts area from 9am to 5 pm on Saturday September 12th so that there can be some tennis exhibitions. Ron left a p[hone message that no advertising has been done yet. There was discussion about charging for attendance at soccer games. The Board was not in favor of charging for the soccer games.

Yellow Barn Farm: Ms. Browning reported that no bids were received to do the timberwork on the yellow barn. Ms. Browning will inform the State that we had no bids. She suggested getting some ‘jacks’ to place around the barn in strategic places. Mr. Harvey stated that the interested parties he knew might still be interested but are busy at the present time. Board members were in favor of holding off on relinquishing any grant monies. Ms. Browning stated that she will be cleaning out the ground level in the barn. She also noted that she was upset about the way the power company left the grading after they put in a new pole by the barn. Ms. Browning stated that she has fixed this so that there is no longer a grade “down into the barn”. Mr. Williams reported that he has been in touch with Jamie Hosley who is willing to get into the yellow barn field to hay but needs the garden and fencing cleaned out and he is concerned about the rocks in the field. There was discussion on this issue. Ms. Browning will get the garden area cleared out. Mr. Williams will continue discussion with Jamie on this issue.

Water Company-Update: Board members reviewed copies of the application for the revolving loan from the State of Vermont. Ms. Browning made a motion to approve the submission of the application for municipal funding for the purchase of the Water Company and the proposed improvements as noted in the application dated 07/30/2015 – for four (4) million dollars. Seconded by Mr. Harvey. Motion carried. Mr. Squires stated that he will have a proposed budget ready for discussion at the September 8th Board meeting. Mr. Squires reported that one of the recent lightning storms did some electrical damage to the Red Mountain Spring. This is primarily back ‘on line’ at the present time.

Town Hall Painting: The painters (Intigrety Painting & Drywall) have power washed the front of Town Hall and are working on painting the front of the building.

Outside Audit: Mary reported that she had contacted Love, Cody, & Co. regarding the 2014 audit. Steve Love was not available – Mary left a message stating that the Town needs a letter of engagement as to dates when Love, Cody & Co. will be doing this audit.

Junk Ordinance: Ms. Browning reported that she has had ongoing complaints about the former bank on East Arlington Road. Mr. Squires stated that he had spoken to the property owner who said that he would clean it up in two (2) weeks. The Board was still in favor of looking at the Junk ordinance to review possible changes.

New Business: Cambridge Fire Contract: Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize Keith Squires to sign the Village of Cambridge ‘mutual aid agreement’ for one year -January 1. 2015 through December 31, 2015- and note that the Town of Arlington agrees to pay the Village for the fire protection services noted in the agreement the sum of $1250.00 per year and $825.00 for each non-mutual aid call. Seconded by Ms. Browning. Motion carried.

Running of the Turkeys Road Race: Mr. Harvey made a motion to approve the annual ‘Running of the Turkeys 5K Race and Walk’ to be held on Thanksgiving Day November 26, 2015. Seconded by Ms. Browning. In discussion, Mary reported that the race will cover the same route it has for the past years, the insurance certificate has been received, and if the weather looks threatening the race committee will coordinate with the Town in advance and delay or cancel if conditions are hazardous – based on the Town’s request. Motion carried.

Warrants & Orders: Payroll: Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of $320.00 to Keith Squires for duties as Interim Administrator for the period of August9, 2015 through August 22, 2015 as noted on Payroll Order # 35B dated August 24, 2015. Seconded by Mr. Jennings.  Motion carried with Ms. Browning, Mr. Williams, Mr. Jennings, and Mr. Harvey voting in favor of the motion. Mr. Squires abstained from the vote. FEMA: Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of FEMA Warrant # F-23 dated 08/23/15 for the amount of $26,797.00 to Vermont Recreational Surfacing & Fencing Inc. for their invoice # 10607 for work done to date on the Park’s tennis/basketball court project. Seconded by Ms. Browning. Motion carried.   Capital Reserve Fund: Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of Capital Reserve Fund Order # CF-9 dated 8/24/15 for a total amount of $4,197.29 to Peckham Industries, Inc. for invoices # 689235, #14913 & #687998 for the Sandgate Road Project State of Vermont Contract #1553. Seconded by Mr. Jennings. Motion carried.

General Warrant: Mr. Harvey made a motion to authorize payment of Warrant Order #17 dated 08/25/15 for the amount of $15,568.56. Seconded by Mr. Jennings. Motion carried.

 All Other Business: Gunfire/Noise Concerns: Ms. Browning reported that there was some very loud gunfire on Friday evening. She stated she was concerned about safety issues and wanted to be sure this ‘target shooting’ was being done in an appropriate manner. Mary noted that she saw someone on Route 313 had called the State Police – who appeared to be responding to the complainant regarding this noise.

Dispatching Services: Ms. Browning asked about the current status of the dispatching services. Mr. Squires stated that he has been at several meetings regarding this issue. He noted that there is ongoing discussion on these services and where they will be operating from.

Lighting at the Park: Mr. Squires reported that he has contacted some electricians to look at updating some of the lighting at the Park.

Generator Town Hall: Mr. Squires is looking at numbers regarding to put a generator on the Town Hall building.

Mr. Williams made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Mr. Harvey  Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 9:03pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary M. Henning, Recording Secretary

meeting video & audio taped

cc: files, Town Clerk


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