Arlington Town Listers

Listers are elected town officials and they operate independently of the town’s select board. Listers are charged with determining the value of the real and personal property in a town on which the select board will set a tax rate necessary to raise the money to pay for town services, the maintenance of town highways and the schools.

The Grand List is the responsibility of the listers. This is a list and description of all taxable properties in town, with names, addresses and parcel identification numbers. Listers provide an annual abstract of the Grand List to the town clerk which is available to the public. A copy is also forwarded to the Vermont Department of Taxes Division of Property Valuation and Review.


Earl Labatt
Joseph Garger
Lee Cross

Office Hours:

Tuesday – Thursday 9AM to 1PM

Physical Address:

3828 VT RTE 7A

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 268, Arlington, VT 05250


(802) 375-9022


(802) 375-2332


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